Aha, I finally discovered how to place my books in additional categories on Amazon!

I bet you all knew how to do this, and I am the only one who has only recently cottoned on… you know, how to have your books added to more categories on Amazon. But, just in case there is anyone out there who didn’t know, here is the email I received when I asked how I should go about it (if you are viewing this through a phone a little of the following email may be cut off. If so, I am happy to send it to you via email):

I am happy to help you!

I would like to inform you that you won’t be able to add more categories from self-service option in neither KDP, nor Author Central.

But for your convenience, we can add them for you from our end.

Please write us back with the list of categories, that you want to be added to your books with ISBN/ ASIN of Books, and we will be happy to help you.

You can easily write us back using the below link:


Here’s how to find and choose the category path:

For Books:

1.    Go to https://www.amazon.co.uk/
2.    Locate the search bar
3.    Change “All” to the “Books” Department. Click Search.
4.    Find the section titled, “Show results for” on the left side of the webpage.
5.    Below this section, you can view categories under “Books”
6.    Click on a category to view subcategories. Choose which ones fit your paperback(s). This will be your category path.

Send us the category path in the following format: “Books > CATEGORY > SUBCATEGORY.”

For Kindle ebook:

1.    Go to https://www.amazon.co.uk/
2.    Locate the search bar
3.    Change “All” to the “Kindle Store” Department. Click Search.
4.    Click “Kindle eBooks” under “Kindle Store,” located on the left side of the webpage
5.    Under the same section, “Kindle eBooks,” you can view available categories.
6.    Click on a category to view subcategories. Choose which ones fit your ebook(s). This will be your category path.

Send us the category path in the following format: “Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > CATEGORY > SUBCATEGORY.”

We also have this helpful guide on categories:


we look forward to assist you further. Thank you for using Author Central.

Just in case you need to know, the ISBN/ ASIN number can be found on your book listing info, or on your KDP bookshelf. I successfully had my publications added to more categories than the ‘sign up’ form allowed, which has to increase the chance of being seen, even if only to a small degree. It takes a little time but is worth trying. I received confirmation within an hour or so that the categories had been added, although you need to allow up to 72 hours for it all to happen.

Obviously, how many extra categories are relevant depends upon the genre of the book; I write about spirituality, and also about ordinary people in everyday life and their relationships, and they don’t sit under the same umbrella. But, it is worth looking into and is quite easy to do. You have to follow it exactly as they state: I forgot to say Kindle Store before adding the rest of the info and they told me that I had to re-submit it. Anyway, there it is… you might find other categories for your book/s that are not currently being utilised!

If you write regularly, then you ARE a writer… you don’t need to be on a best sellers list in order to qualify!

If you say you want to be a writer, then you have to write. If you write regularly, then you are a writer. Writers are not just those who make it onto some or other best sellers list… they are people who are compelled to write, regardless of their level of skill or experience. They have something to express and to share. If you are a writer who hides all of your work in the bottom drawer, you are a closet writer… and hopefully, you will ‘come out’, one day!

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I hate the effort and sweat of fitness training (and everything else, come to think of it) – until I have finished!

Last night I put myself through 45 minutes of circuit training, followed by 60 minutes of kickboxing fitness training (it was a killer session). I really wanted to shout at the instructor (who just so happens to be my eldest daughter), “RIGHT, lady – I’ve just about had enough of this! I am 61 you know – don’t you think you are being ridiculously unreasonable in your demands?”, and slope miserably off to the sidelines. In my fantasy world, that’s exactly what I did do; in the real world, I gritted my teeth and kept going. And although I can still feel every inch of it in so many muscles, I can also feel the underlying benefit. I know for sure that I will force myself through several more sessions this coming week, too… and the week after that, etc, etc.

Late this morning I sat in front of my laptop, and couldn’t think of a single thing to write about. NCIS was on the TV, in the background, and I suddenly remembered that I wanted to check out my American cousin’s eBay site, to see how it is doing, and whether or not it is worth giving it another go myself (I decided that it isn’t). I considered going into the kitchen to get something else to eat, and wondered if I needed another cup of tea or not… and all the while, an insistent, uneasy guilt was nagging away at me: “you’re supposed to be writing today, and developing other aspects of your business – remember?”. I did remember, but procrastinating was a whole lot easier than making myself actually put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Obviously, I did eventually start… by writing about my own resistance, and the desire to avoid effort at all costs! Read more